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October 2014
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EN World Pre-Release Review – The Rise of Tiamat by Kobold Press & Wizards of the Coast

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on October 23, 2014

TRoT coverHail and Well Met Gentle Readers!

Another week has sped by, Fellow Gamers, and the weekend draws near – with hopefully many opportunities for you all to have some great gaming fun.

Personally, I’ve got plans to do some in-depth playtesting of the new 5E Dungeons & Dragons this coming weekend.  In fact, just last Sunday, I had the opportunity to sit down and create a few characters from scratch and I have to say the process is very streamlined indeed.  And I got to try out a 1st Level character for a few encounters, and the new D&D runs pretty well – although I think hobgoblins are seriously overpowered for CR 1/2 monsters(more…)

EN World Pre-Release Review – The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V by Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on October 17, 2014

TLP EBV CoverHappy Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

The weekend has finally arrived and I hope that you all have some great plans for some gaming fun over the next couple days.  For my part, I’ve got my regularly scheduled D&D 3.5 game this weekend, and my Bard Leandros has recently added some Druid training to his repertoire, learning the ancient lore and old stories of the world.  I’m closing in on being able to start the Fachlucan College Prestige Class which should be fun to explore.  Although there has been some debate about whether we should convert the characters in this current campaign over to the new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons – at which point any plans for a Prestige Class becomes somewhat moot! (more…)

EN World Review – Secrets of Cats by Richard Bellingham

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on September 26, 2014

Secrets of Cats coverGood news Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers – it’s Friday and the weekend is finally here!

I hope you’ve all got some great plans this weekend for some tabletop gaming fun – sadly, this weekend, I’ve actually no gaming plans myself.  I’m the “on call” for my department this weekend, and in the past it’s just been too annoying to get everyone together only to have to cut things short when the GM (me) has to run off to work.  Better to just plan a quiet weekend at home with some video games, and hopefully get through the weekend as quietly as possible.

EN World Review – D&D Monster Manual (5th Edition) by Wizard of the Coast

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on September 18, 2014

Monster Manual CoverHappy Thursday, Fellow Gamers!

I hope your week is going well for you, Gentle Readers, and that you’ve got some great gaming plans for this weekend.   Personally, I’ve got some awesome gaming plans this weekend, with a D&D 3.5 game to play in coming up on Friday night and on Saturday I’ve got my new Savage Worlds Aphelion Campaign to run.  I’ve really been impressed with how easy and fun it is to run a Savage Worlds campaign and my gaming group has really thrown themselves headlong into the setting. 

I’ve really got to find the time to write up a blog or two about my new campaign setting! (more…)

EN World Review – Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade by Vigilance Press

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on September 11, 2014

Tianxia coverGreetings and Well Met, Fellow Gamers!

Time really flies when you’re having fun, and this week has zoomed by at a record pace.  This past weekend saw the second session of my new SciFi-Cyberpunk-Space-Opera campaign using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, and so far it’s clear the campaign is off to a great start.  The players are seriously getting into their characters’ roles now, and it appears that the campaign will likely somewhat a cross between Neuromancer and James Bond, but in all done in outer space.  I’m finding the SWD rules to be quite freeing as a Gamemaster, and I think I’m going to have to start a blog soon discussing how the campaign is proceeding along.