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July 2014
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EN World Review – Dark Deeds in Freeport by Kobold Press

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on July 25, 2014

dark deeds coverIt’s another Happy Friday, Fellow Gamers…

… and a mere 19 more days until GENCON!!!  Hard to believe how fast the time has gone this July, and in less than three weeks it’ll be time to head down to Indy!

But in the meantime, I hope this week was an enjoyable one for you, and you’ve had many awesome gaming opportunities to have some fun.  I’ve been feeling the time-pinch of summer schedules, and have had to cancel the start of my new Savage Worlds Campaign three times now! (more…)

EN World Review – Fire As She Bears by Frog God Games

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on July 17, 2014

Fire_as_She_Bears_PF coverHappy Thursday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

Another week down in the countdown to the Best Four Days of Gaming – there’s only a mere 27 days left before GENCON is finally here!  I’m still combing through the Event list myself for any last minute additions to fill in the holes in my schedule.  But to be honest, there isn’t much time left unaccounted for this time around, which is probably a bad thing, considering I need to leave some time to hit the Exhibition Hall and meet with publishers and game designers!  But I should have plenty of content for some blogs during and after the convention, and I’ll be taking plenty of pics to post of all the happenings at GENCON 2014! (more…)

EN World Pre-Release Review – D&D Starter Set by Wizards of the Coast

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on July 10, 2014

starter coverWarmest greetings, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers…

…and I really do mean warmest, as the temperature in my domicile absolutely precludes me being anything but sweltering!  Oh, as surely as I lamented about the unseasonably freezing weather in the Vale of the Wolverine this last winter, the current midsummer heat is just as oppressive… but at least there are no annoying piles of white obstructing the ground!

As I’m sure you are doing, I’m counting down the days to the best four days of gaming this year, and I think that this will likely be a memorable GENCON indeed!  (more…)

EN World Review – Age of Cthulhu #8 by Goodman Games

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on June 27, 2014

age of cthulhu coverHappy Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!!!

The month of June is finally coming to an end.  And although that means that summer is passing by far too swiftly, it’s also bringing us all that much closer to GENCON 2014!  So it’s somewhat of a mixed blessing, to be sure!

I hope you all have some great plans for this coming weekend.  I’m off to Chicago for a mini gamefest night of board games with friends, followed the next day by a cookout on the beach.  (more…)

EN World Review – DEEP MAGIC by Kobold Press

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on June 19, 2014

deep magic coverHail and Well Met Fellow Gamers & Gentle Readers!

I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past couple weeks, especially if you’ve been reading my reviews for some time now.  I had to take a little respite after a bit of a health crisis – I needed time to convalesce after a “procedure” – but I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling much better.  And most importantly, am much healthier for having gone through it all!

Regretfully, I had to forego visiting Origins Game Fair this year, but I’ve heard from other attendees that it was a very impressive turnout.  Well, there’s always next year, (more…)