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D&D Ennui: Monday’s Blogger Blues

neuroglyphgames wordcloud smallToday’s blog turned out to be about a little bit everything, and more or less nothing at all.

I’m having what can only be called “case of the Mondays”.  The weekend started great, as it kicked off with a taco potluck on Cinco de Mayo Eve and my Detroit area D&D 4E game.  Over homemade tacos and mai tais (and I’m still not exactly sure what the latter had to do with Cinco de Mayo), my group plowed through two encounters worth of gnolls under my revised version of Moathouse from the Village of Hommelet, and got a bit more exploring done, uncovering clues about the strange cult of the Elder Elemental Eye.  We might have been able to get to a third encounter, but sadly we had to cut things short, as a combination of strong Polynesian-style beverage in the male adventurers, and the loss of an adventuring mommy dealing with angry baby made further explorations impossible.  So the unfolding mysteries of the Moathouse had to await another week…

The weekend continued into awesome with a trip out to a morning matinee of The Avengers Movie with friends.  Seriously, I have no idea how anyone can hate this movie that has ever picked up a Marvel Comic Book – it was pure adrenaline-fueled mountain of Fan-Boy eye-candy!  I have no idea how anyone can hate this movie – although a friend linked me a comment from AICN of a viewer that claimed “the movie had no plot”.    Frankly, I just have to assume that either the commentor has no idea what the definition of “plot” actually is, or maybe they had some sort of intestinal issue that forced them into the bathroom for the middle hour of the movie.  But regardless of a nay-sayers pathetic attempt to draw attention, The Avengers Movie is just amazing, and it broke all kinds of domestic and international records – over 200 million bucks in US tickets alone!  Go see it if you haven’t yet – I plan to go back to see it later this week on the IMAX screen!

And in honor of The Avengers Movie being so amazing, I’ll be reviewing the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game by Margaret Weis Productions this Wednesday over on EN World News.  I figure it’s a fitting product to review in the wake of the blockbuster movie, and I’ll post a link to the review here when it goes live, as always.

Although Sunday was a very calm and restful day, and a lovely ending to the weekend, I found myself still collating my rules for my D&D 4E Homebrew blog on a revised skill system.  I just don’t have enough feedback yet from my playtesters, since we’ve only just hammered out implementing it in my Toledo D&D game, and I don’t feel comfortable yet releasing a new skill system variant for 4E until I get more input from my players.  Hopefully, I’ll have something to post soon – on paper, I think it’s dynamite, but until we run with it for several sessions, I’ll never be sure if there isn’t break in the rules.

So today I thought about blogging about the new Legends & Lore article by Mike Mearls about the Rogue Design Goals, but frankly I’m getting the feeling that I’m obsessing too much about D&D Next.  I ran a graphical “word cloud” program on my Neuroglyph Games site, and it’s hard not to notice which words I’m focusing on the most.  So I decided that it might be best from publishing another Wizard Watch blog for a bit, until I have something really good to say.  Besides, we’ll all have a chance at the public playtesting soon enough, by the end of this month in fact, and then we’ll know a lot more about where all these blogs and articles from the WotC Design Team are leading the D&D Community.

Honestly, all this incessant harping on D&D Next and the way that 4E is coming to what feels like a very pre-mature end has actually inspired me in quite a different way.  I’ve actually started writing my own “generic” role-playing game system, and have been plugging away at it for the past few months now.  I’m finding influences for my game engine from a number of sources, mostly from systems I grew up playing after AD&D introduced me to the RPG genre of games.  These include older editions of RP games such as Champions, Shadowrun, d20/OGL, and D&D 4E.  And I’ve even found myself inspired by a couple of interesting systems I’ve experienced in the various MMOs and computer games I’ve played, like Elder Scrolls series, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Everquest II.  I hope to combine many different elements together to create a fun system capable of handling multiple genres of settings.  In fact, I’m working to create a Science-Fiction Space Opera setting, and a Fantasy Swords & Sorcery Gothic Horror setting to go along with the game engine.  I’ll likely create another website for the system once I get closer to launch…

And speaking of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls, have you heard that the world of Tamriel is set to become an MMO under its ZeniMax Online Studios division?!  Game Informer has an Elder Scrolls MMO Hub you can go to with a list of various articles about the upcoming ZeniMax release, and they’ve got three articles posted already, including this screenshot from gameplay.  Personally, I’ve loved the Elder Scrolls series since Daggerfall first hit the store shelves, and if the MMO is anything like the recent releases of Oblivion and Skyrim, it’s going to be really hard not to suffer from “Elder-crack” addiction in no time!
elder scrolls MMO pic

elder scrolls MMO pic 2
So check back Wednesday for my weekly review, and hopefully I’ll have more D&D related stuff to blog about next Monday…

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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    I will miss Wizard Watch

  2. @benesky – Not to worry… there will be more Wizards Watches in the future. I just needed a break from obsessing about D&D Next. :P

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