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EN world Review – Heroes of the Feywild by Wizards of the Coast

hotfeywild coverGreetings all!  I know it has been a while since I posted a review, but I’ve been hard at work this month on the National Novel Writing Month Project, and I’m rather pleased to report that I started and completed 50021 words in just 30 days!

Of course, the problem I have now is that the writing project really isn’t done.  Sure I made the 50K word deadline and technically “won” the event, but I’m only half way through the novel!  If I want to complete my story, I’ll probably have to write another 50K words to see it through.  And I pretty much know I’m going to go ahead with that, because I’ve really begun to fall in love with my characters, both heroes and villains alike!

So anyways… now that my project is over (sort of), I wanted to get back into the swing of things with a review.  This week, my EN World Review is of the new Wizards of the Coast release, Heroes of the Feywild!  This supplement is a follow-up of the Heroes of Shadow from earlier in the year, and provides character options for players who want to add a fey element to their heroes!

To read all the information I have on this book, and a complete review, please click the link below to head over to EN World, and get all the details:

Review of Heroes of the Feywild by Wizards of the Coast

Overall, I really like what this book has to offer, and with two elves and an eladrin in my Toledo D&D Gaming Group, I pretty much know that this will add some welcome optional material to their characters.  I really enjoyed the book overall, and think this might be the best of the “Heroes of” books the Essentials line has produced.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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