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EN World Review – Ultramodern 4 by DEM

um4 coverHail and well met, fellow gamers and readers, wherever you may be!  I hope you are all managing to stay cool as we watch record heat blast its way across the USA – as I write this blog, I’m sitting between two fans and an air conditioner in need of repair, and wishing I had called my apartment maintenance guy sooner!

This week for my EN World Review, I’m taking a look at the recent release by Dias Ex Machina, a new for modern and science fiction role-playing game called Ultramodern 4 – based on the D&D 4E rules, but uniquely modified for creating characters of a non-fantasy nature.  Readers may recall that I reviewed the earlier release of Amethyst by the same publisher, which combined a setting with both science-fiction and fantasy elements.  But this new system is ostensibly “magic free” and designed to accommodate spy thrillers, modern warfare, cyberpunk, and even space opera campaigns.

To learn more about this new GSL-friendly game system, please click on the link below to head over to EN World to read the review in full:

Review of Ultramodern 4 by Dias Ex Machina

Okay, for the record: I have to start by saying I absolutely hate the author for writing this game!  After reading this book for my review, I was actually contemplating which of my two D&D 4E games I wanted to derail so I could run an Ultramodern 4 campaign!

All kidding aside, you can tell this game was a true labor of passion for the author.  Chris Dias has done a remarkable job in transforming 4E rules into something very useful to gamers looking to take a break from heroic fantasy – but still get to play a 4E style game!  The rules are very innovative, as are the new mechanics for character design, and I certainly wish the author all the best of luck with this release, and with the upcoming Neurospasta setting!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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