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Gearing up for Summer at Neuroglyph Games

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” ~ Russell Baker

Well here we are almost to Memorial Day, which for many folks at least in the USA, is the first big weekend of Summer!  Like many, I plan to enjoy my weekend hanging out at as many bar-b-cues as weather and time will allow.  But before the festivities begin, I figured this was a good time to look at where Neuroglyph Games is now, and where it is going in the future… well, at least the next few months of the future, anyways.

Obviously, one big piece of news is that the Neuroglyph Games site was transferred to a new and hopefully much more stable hosting service.  Being down for several days at the beginning of May, as I was preparing for my Doombringer Saga release, was seriously frustrating, and I’m really relieved to have finally completed the move to the new host.  I understand that there was a bit of downtime on Tuesday afternoon this week as the domain was re-pointed at the new host, but everything has been rock solid since then I am happy to say!
Doombringer 1 Cover Sidebar
Another important piece of business is the announcement of the Countdown to Doom Contest Winners!  Three Readers who signed up for the Countdown to Doom Contest were selected at random to receive complimentary copies of the first adventure of the Doombringer Saga Campaign Arc: The Perilous Secrets of Wilford Manor!

And the three Winners are:

  • Rob (AKA Pour on the ENWorld Forums)
  • SirDigbyChicken
  • Irving L.

Congratulations one and all, and your complimentary copies of The Perilous Secrets of Wilford Manor have been sent to your email!

Now looking ahead over the next couple months, there are plenty of product reviews coming up, and I really appreciate so many publishers sending me their creative endeavors.  I’m a big fan-boy of GSL Third Party Products, and I certainly hope that my reviews have been helpful to not only the Publishers, but to the D&D 4E Community of Gamers, who want to know what’s out there that is good to buy and worth their hard-earned money!

And while on the topic of GSL Publishing, I have plans to release the second of the Kill or Be Killed Product Line, featuring another fearsome boss, this time for the Epic Tier.  <strong>KOBK #1: Kor-oggo-rok has done really well since release, and there have been some really great feedback about a unique “boss-style” encounter, so I’ve been planning on expanding the series to try and release a new encounter every other month or so.  KOBK #2 should hit virtual selves sometime in June, and will feature a new boss, a full-color map, new hazards, unique magic item “relics”, and an artifact!

As for my other releases, the two part series of A Curse at the Old Inn and Bane of the Warlock has also been doing rather well, with downloads of the freebie adventure “Curse” approaching the 2000 copy mark!  It’s really heartening to know that so many Readers have downloaded these two products, and I certainly hope that gamers from all over are enjoying this short adventure series.

As for the Doombringer Saga, well I’m planning to have the second adventure of the Campaign Arc out between Origins and GenCon!

And speaking of Origins and GenCon, I plan to be in attendance at both of these conventions this summer, and will be blogging stories and news from the convention floor on the Neuroglyph Games website!  I’m really looking forward to getting back into conventioneering again, as it’s been almost five years since my last GenCon.  So expect to read some blogs about these two massive gaming conventions over the next few months, and I look forward to meeting Readers and fellow bloggers while I’m there!

I’m also looking into word that Apple will be allowing self-publishers to start distributing their products at the iBookStore.  Given how popular iPad is becoming with RPG enthusiasts, it might be a nice way to get stuff out there to the Readers!

So while this Summer is going to be a busy one, at least I know I’ve got a lot of great things to look forward to in the coming months.  As always, your comments and feedback are welcome here, and are much appreciated!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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