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News in Review for Dec 21 to Dec 27 2009

  • In Monday’s release of Class Acts, Sword Mage Essentials: Art of the Blade releases new feats and new spells, plus lots of advice on playing these defenders.
  • In the newest excerpt from the new upcoming Campaign Arc called Underdark, a nasty encounter has been released called excerpt Dark Fungi and is available now on the Official website!
  • Kobold Quarterly has released the results of King of the Monsters Contest – check out the ten finalists that will go on to fight for ultimate domination!
  • In the newest Chaos Scar Adventure in Dungeon #173, kobolds have unearthed The Lost Library, and must face the challenges therein. This module is designed for 2nd Level Characters.
  • Listen to WotC Bart Carroll as he pitches in as host for this End of the Year Podcast.
  • offers a copy of The Plane Below: Secrets of Elemental Chao in this new Twitter Contest.
  • Check out one of the Finalists at the Kobold Quarterly’s King of the Monsters Contest – today’s finalist feature is The Afanc!
  • In Dungeon #173, Dungeoncraft 22 discusses Dungeon Dressing and ideas for adding more features to dungeons.
  • Shirley Mazzanoble, in Confessions of a Full-time Wizard, recommends some House Rules for the Holidays.
  • Tallfolk Tales is a new short story by author Lisa Smedman, who has written stories based in Forgotten Realms and Dark Sun. You can check out her tale at the WotC Official site.
  • EN World News reports a new iPhone app called i4e for iPhone which can let you import Characters from the DDI Character Builder.
  • Here is another of the Finalists from the Kobold Quarterly’s King of the Monsters Contest – check out The Echidna!
  • Looks like WotC started the Holiday early – the only “official” Christmas eve news are the Map Galleries and the Art Galleriesfrom Dungeon #173. And don’t forget the Art Galleries from Dragon #382!
  • Check out the interview with WotC’s Richard Baker regarding Kobold Quarterly’s Adopt-a-Soldier Program!

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