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News in Review for Jun 28 to Jul 4 2010

There’s some great excerpts and articles this week, particularly from the upcoming Demonomicon release later this month. Of course, Dark Sun anticipation is still making the rounds on news and blog sites. And if you like podcasts, there is some solid ones released this week, particularly the Official Wizards of the Coast podcast, with a focus on Monster Manual 3.

As a follow-up to Friday’s blog, Marathon D&D in the Summer Time!, had a great marathon D&D session yesterday with my Detroit group, and the new “monster stand-ups” were a hit. Took me about a little over an hour to create scale paper miniatures using Photoshop and some downloaded images from the WotC Art Archives for Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, and the various sourcebooks. They were a big hit – once we figured out to weight them down with pennies!

So until next blog, I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!

  • Abysm’s Screaming Jungle, the 90th Layer of the Abyss and Demogorgon’s Realm is the topic of the newest excerpt from the upcoming Demonomicon!
  • Artist Jared von Hindman pens a humorous “D&D Outsider” column, and takes a long hard look at Playing Evil Races.
  • WotC’s James Wyatt offers up Dungeoncraft 28, and talks about using a Quest Log in his Aquela Campaign Setting. Now in this month’s Dungeon Magazine.
  • There’s a new column by WotC Rodney Thompson called Eye on Dark Sun. In this edition, he discusses the strange and dangerous inhabitants of the Sunwarped Flats!
  • Kobold Quarterly introduces a strange new elemental called a Gleam Shard, which will happily give its life to further the cause of Chaos.
  • EN World News has a scoop on the release of a new book by the authors of called Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters.
  • Mike Shea at Sly takes a look at props to use at the tabletop with your D&D 4E encounters with a Dwarven Forge Buyer’s Guide.
  • Ameron at Dungeon’s has the D&D Encounters Dark Sun Character Skill Cards available for download.
  • has the inside scoop on how to Win a copy of the Dungeon Tiles Desert of Athas set.
  • At, you can learn about another of The Last Rogues favorite rules variants in Rules Tweak #4 – Got to Eat.
  • WotC’s Bart Carroll pens another D&D Alumni, discussing the origins of the that favorite-among-DMs Demon Lord: ORCUS!
  • At the Wizards of the Coast site, there’s some MM3 Wallpaper, inspired by the artwork from Monster Manual 3.
  • The Map and Art Galleries from Dungeon #179 are now available for download from the WotC site.
  • The Official Rules from Wizards of the Coast’s new contest – D&D Never Split the Party – are now available, with the grand prize of an all-expense-paid trip to GenCon to go to the winner and 5 friends of this essay contest!
  • Vanir at offers some rather demented Lost Words of Power not found in any spellbook, but are “usable by any class. And farmers. Also, ducks.”
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s asks the age-old question all D&D Characters must face: Should I Fight Or Should I Heal Now? available for download.
  • Gabe at shows how he simulated a incredibly bizarre (and cool-looking!) encounter in D&D in the Elemental Chaos part 1!
  • Dave “The Game” at discusses his experience at Origins 2010: “Game Design is Mind Control” Seminar.
  • Check out the Garden of Graves encounter, the first excerpt from the upcoming Tomb of Horrors adventure!
  • The Art Galleries from Dragon #388 are now available for download from the WotC site.
  • WotC’s Mike Mearls & Jeremy Crawford host the June Edition of the D&D Podcast: Featuring MM3.
  • EN World News has a scoop on an Interview with Chris Dias (Podcast), the creator of Amethyst: Foundations RPG on Gamer’s Haven .
  • Kobold Quarterly has a new column featuring a generic encounter setting which can be adopted to any adventure. Check out the new Encounter Codex: Shrine of the Primeval Toad!
  • Chris Sims at continues his series of articles to “spice up” solo encounters in Mailbag 8—All By Myself, Part 5.
  • Gabe at has the second installment of his (styrofoam) planar encounter in D&D in the Elemental Chaos part 2!
  • WotC’s Greg Bilsland on his In The Eye of The Beholder blogsite, shares The DM’s Dirty Secret!
  • In the Winning Races column this week, Minotaurs are offered a variety of new backgrounds, and a new Paragon Path in Tangled Origins and Mysterious Clans!
  • WotC’s Steve Winters explains some of the changes to Dragon and Dungeon Magazine in his July editorial “My God, It’s Full of Stars”.
  • In the July and Beyond preview, WotC’s Bart Carroll talks about upcoming podcasts, and the release of the The Ghost King and the Demonomicon, and more!
  • Author Jaleigh Johnson introduces the first draft of the first chapter of the upcoming novel “The Unbroken Chain” and explains the Anatomy of a Scene.
  • There are some hints available for writing the essay for Wizards of the Coast’s new contest – D&D Never Split the Party, which features a grand prize all-expense-paid trip to GenCon!
  • Dave “The Game” discusses his convention experiences on the with Origins 2010: Final Round-Up.
  • Class Acts: Monks in this month’s Dragon Magazine shares the secrets of the Fallen Needle Itinerants, with their blinding-fast techniques that many claim are swifter than the bounce of a fallen needle!
  • WotC’s Bill Slavicsek writes this month’s Ampersand Archive, and shares info on creating a Dark Sun Gladiator, the new Ravenloft Boardgame, and that Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Are Coming!
  • Check out the Demonic Delve, an adventure pitting Epic Level Heroes against an attack from Demogorgon’s Realm. It’s the latest excerpt from the upcoming Demonomicon – and available for download in PDF format!
  • EN World is recruiting judges for next years ENnies Awards. Think you’re up to the challenge?
  • Kobold Quarterly has part two of Dead Eyes and Battle Scars, with feats for mangled Characters of every type of maiming!
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s anticipates a lethal campaign setting in Dark Sun Is Deadly.
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