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News in Review for Nov 22 to Nov 28 2010

Have to make this a short review of the D&D 4E news this week, since I am forced to post this from the local coffee shop’s wifi.  The home bandwidth is having terrible latency and ping issues, which hopefully will be resolved tomorrow from the cable internet provider.

Obviously, with the Thanksgiving Holiday this past week there has not been as many articles published for Dragon and Dungeon magazines, but there have been a few choice ones, like Jared von Hindmann’s D&D Outsider article Location Location Location, and an enjoyable piece of Forgotten Realms fiction by Rosemary Jones called Dreaming of Waterdeep.

I was also really excited to get our first glimpse of the new DDI application, which was reported by Dave “The Game” at Critical in the Preview: Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table blog.  And Gamefiend over on had some very interesting ideas for a D&D 4E achievement system in Penniless but not Powerless, Part 3: Achieving your Dreams.

So definitely make time to check out all the great D&D 4E new, reviews, and commentary this week.  There is almost always something worth reading from the 4E community bloggers and writers!

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