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Neuroglyph Games is dedicated to providing the Role-Playing Game Community with Gaming News & Reviews on a wide range of game systems, both old and new. Focused mainly on current forms of D&D, namely 4E, Pathfinder, and the upcoming new D&D Next, Neuroglyph Games offers advice to enhance Dungeon Mastering, and for creating and playing Characters of all types.

August 2017
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EN World Review – Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade by Vigilance Press

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on September 11, 2014

Tianxia coverGreetings and Well Met, Fellow Gamers!

Time really flies when you’re having fun, and this week has zoomed by at a record pace.  This past weekend saw the second session of my new SciFi-Cyberpunk-Space-Opera campaign using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, and so far it’s clear the campaign is off to a great start.  The players are seriously getting into their characters’ roles now, and it appears that the campaign will likely somewhat a cross between Neuromancer and James Bond, but in all done in outer space.  I’m finding the SWD rules to be quite freeing as a Gamemaster, and I think I’m going to have to start a blog soon discussing how the campaign is proceeding along.

EN World Review – The Clement Sector by Gypsy Knights Games

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on August 28, 2014

clement sector coverGreetings Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks in the wake of GENCON 2014, and it’s been great sharing some of my experiences from the convention in my blogs here.  One of the great things I love about going to GENCON is the opportunity to chat with so many great game designers from companies like Pinnacle Entertainment, Goodman Games, Green Ronin, Chaosium, and, of course, Wizards of the Coast. (more…)

EN World Review – Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Kobold Press & Wizards of the Coast

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on August 21, 2014

HotDQ coverHappy Almost-Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

Well, it’s been one week since GENCON opened and I’m still on the post-con high from being around so much awesome gaming!  Sadly, I am also on the post-con low of trying to recover from a bout of “con-crud” – there was definitely a nasty cold-thingee roving around the convention this year.

But hey – it was worth a little cold to have a great time at GENCON this year!

And it was incredible to read just how successful this year’s convention was!  (more…)

GENCON 2014 – A Final Quick Report on Day 4 (Sunday)

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on August 18, 2014

gencon wotc logosGreetings to all, Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!

Last night (Saturday) I was out far too late to make a report after I got in – it was insane trying to get dinner after my final panel with the Colts game in town.  So I figured I’d roll up a Final Report about the GENCON 2014 experience tonight (Sunday) after I got back to good old Michigan. (more…)

GENCON 2014 – A Quick Report on Day 2 (Friday)

Posted By Editor-in-Chief on August 15, 2014

gencon wotc logosHail and Well Met Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!

It’s Day 2 at GENCON 2014 and it’s been a busy Friday here at the convention.  Although I can’t be certain, the number of participants certainly felt higher today, with considerably more traffic in the halls and Exhibition Hall than on Thursday.  I tell you I won’t be surprised to hear that this year broke the record books again for total attendees – the community of gamers just keeps getting bigger and bigger! (more…)