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Kill or Be Killed #1

When they tell the Great Sagas of Heroes,do you hearken to the stories of those that battle a force of mere men and beasts?Kill Kor Cover

Or is your blood stirred by the Tales of Daring Deeds and Bold Cunning used against a single Foe so terrible, it was all but considered Undefeatable?

Bring on the Epic Fight, and wage battle fiercely against the dread Nemesis that no One can outwit, the Arch-Rival that no One can match, and the all-devouring Monster that no One can assail!

And let your Heroes’ know that in this Arena, there is No Quarter, and it will have only one Outcome:

Kill or Be Killed!

In Kill Or Be Killed #1, your Heroes must pit their powers against a terrible demon-spawn that aspires to become an Prince of the Abyss!

Kill or Be Killed #1 Includes:

  • A single dynamic “boss-style” Encounter for five 12th Level Characters.
  • 2 New and Unique Monsters.
  • 3 New Underground Hazards that can also be used in your Campaign.
  • A Full color Encounter Map and Monster “Chits”.
  • 3 Unique & Powerful Magic Items (Relics) that can be “dropped” from the boss.
  • Adventure Hooks, Background Story, and more to allow this Encounter to be used in your campaign as either a single gaming experience, or part of a greater adventure of your own creation!

Kill or Be Killed #1 is available for sale now from RPGNow and Paizo.

Product Reviews for Kill or Be Killed #1:

  • Long Exile Gaming: “I hope that Neuroglyph has more Kill Or Be Killed issues planned, because this was a strong first outing. I can recommend this for most Dungeon Masters, especially at the price.”
  • RPGNow Featured Reviewer: “Overall I was quite pleased with this encounter and this product. It’s provides something dynamic and exciting, coupled with something novel and unique to provide a good play experience. Too often products that provide encounters don’t actually bring anything new or unique to the table and I’m pleased to say that this does.”

Game Rules: 4E (GSL)

Writer: Michael Evans
Cover: Robert Kusiak

KOBK001, 16 pages, $1.99

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