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EN World Review – Premium Magic Item Compendium by WotC

Editor-in-Chief | July 31, 2013

Hail & Well Met, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!
As I’m sure that many of you know, tThere are only 14 days left before the Best Four Days of Gaming commences at GenCon 2013 this year.  I hope your plans are going well for your journeys to Indianapolis this in a fortnight – there’s so much [...]

EN World Review – Against the Slave Lords by Wizards of the Coast

Editor-in-Chief | July 17, 2013

“We ride on the Hells… tomorrow!” (Figuratively speaking, of course.)
Welcome Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!
With the recent scorching heat wave blasting much of the Midwest this week, that quote from the old series of Dragon Magazine articles regarding the Nine Hells seems to cross my mind about a half dozen times every day!  Thankfully, conditioning [...]

EN World Review – Neverwinter Online by Cryptic Studios

Editor-in-Chief | June 6, 2013

Well, things do not always go according to plan.  I would normally being wishing all my Gentle Readers a “happy humpday”, but it seems I have gone overlong in my review project for today!  It’s actually Thursday morning as I pen this blog, but I hope you’ll all forgive my tardiness – I wrote a [...]

EN World Review – Premium Spell Compendium v3.5 by Wizards of the Coast

Editor-in-Chief | May 1, 2013

Happy Humpday, Fellow Gamers!  I hope this week is going well for you, and have some great gaming plans for the weekend!  My own DCC Campaign is still going strong and we’re scheduled for another sessions this coming Saturday – although I might find it hard to tear my players away from their computers seeing [...]

Gaming News Flash: Think March Madness… but for Gamers!

Editor-in-Chief | March 25, 2013

Sure, sure.  Everyone’s all into March Madness this year, like every other year, and the fevered rush of “picking brackets” seems to be a central topic of conversations, whether around the water cooler at work, or at your local coffee shop.
But this year, Fellow Gamers, we have a bit of March Madness of our own, [...]