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Friday’s 4e Freebie: Treasure Generators

Editor-in-Chief | October 30, 2009

Contentment is the greatest treasure. ~ Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher
Outta my way, that treasure is mine! ~ Every Dwarven Philosopher
Creating Treasure, in my opinion, is possibly one of the most obnoxious tasks I have to do as a DM.  The only other thing that could rank higher on my list of “annoying DM things” is [...]

D&D 4e Skill Challenge: Assassination!

Editor-in-Chief | October 29, 2009

“… can turn a Murder into Art.”
Spying the watchman standing by the gate, she dropped into a crouch, masking herself among the shadows of the overhanging trees.  She crept slowly toward the quarry, unsheathing her blade, and hiding it inside the edge of her dark cloak to make sure that its razor-sharp edge could not [...]

Dynamic Character Personalities in D&D (Revisited)

Editor-in-Chief | October 28, 2009

And the polls are in…
In my blog last Thursday, I wrote about Dynamic Character Personalities in D&D, and the methods by which I go about designing the personality for my Characters.  I also started a poll to inquire how you, the Readers, create personalities for your Characters, and I wanted to share some of the [...]

Quillian’s Folio of Fantastical Fauna

Quillian | October 27, 2009

Fair greetings to you all…
Before venturing forth into dark and unknown lands, many are the times that Heroes, Travelers, and other Diverse Folk, seek out the wise counsel of Sages, such as I, Quillian Valeniel. Such counsel is not merely meet, but prudent, for one never knows what Foul Fiends and Dangerous Denizens may haunt [...]

News in Review for Oct 19 to Oct 25 2009

Editor-in-Chief | October 26, 2009

John Zamarra wrote a Character Concepts article for Dragon #380 introducing Kiel and Rasa , highlighting material from the new Primal Powers Supplement.
The Art Galleries from the new Primal Powers Supplement are now available for D&D Insiders.
Den of the Slavetakers, A Chaos Scar Adventure, is now available for D&D Insiders as part of Dungeon #171 [...]