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News in Review for Jan 25 to Jan 31 2010

Editor-in-Chief | January 31, 2010

This has been one amazing week for Neuroglyph Games.
The big news, of course, comes with the first release of a Neuroglyph Games product! A Curse at the Old Inn was released last Thursday as a FREE adventure module, and in a three short days, it is now approaching 500 downloads from RPGNow! I [...]

Friday’s 4e Freebie: Kobold Quarterly #10 – A FREE Download!

Editor-in-Chief | January 29, 2010

“You can’t beat the price. Free is in my budget!” ~ Brittany Lincicome
This Friday 4e Freebie won’t be around much longer, but while it’s here, it’s certainly worth mentioning.

So until January 31, 2010, you can get a free download, in pdf format, of Kobold Quarterly #10! You just have to visit the KQ [...]

The 1st Official Neuroglyph Games Product Release – A Curse at the Old Inn!

Editor-in-Chief | January 28, 2010

“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.” ~ Samuel Smiles
Editor’s Note: For everyone that previously tried to download A Curse at the Old Inn, there was an issue with how the distribution site was reading the file. That has [...]

Review of The Mark of Hubris by Alea Publishing

Editor-in-Chief | January 27, 2010

“The antidote to hubris, to overweening pride, is irony…” ~ Ralph Ellison
Hubris is one of those words you don’t hear a lot in common speech these days, unless you listen to the nightly news that is. It seems that politicians and special interest groups constantly accuse their opponents of hubris in sound-bites all the [...]

Review of Blackdirge’s Bargain Bestiaries – Baleful Bugs by Blackdirge Publishing

Editor-in-Chief | January 25, 2010

“ ’Will you walk into my parlor?’ said the Spider to the Fly.” ~ Mary Howitt (The Spider and the Fly, 1923)
Personally, I don’t know anyone that loves bugs and spiders.
I mean I know that there are scientists out there that get absolutely giddy at the sight of something with 6 or 8 legs skittering [...]