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News in Review for Feb 22 to Feb 28 2010

Editor-in-Chief | February 28, 2010

It was a podcast heavy week at the end of February 2010, and there was some great listening out there if you had the time to take a listen. So grab your headphones, and start punching up the podcasts!
Of course, there was also the big release of our new Encounter series Kill or Be [...]

Review of Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 by Wizards of the Coast

Editor-in-Chief | February 26, 2010

“Can one edify an antiquated canine concerning novel maneuvers?” ~ Anonymous
It took a while, but I’ve finally finished reading the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, cover-to-cover. I know it’s been out since September 2009, but in my defense I didn’t pick up the book until Christmas. Or more to the point, my Players bought [...]

Variations on an Eldritch Theme: Relics

Editor-in-Chief | February 24, 2010

“I am not wearing that thing! I don’t care how powerful it is… didn’t you see where it came from?” ~ A Reluctant Adventurer
In my last blog, I discussed a new type of item, called a trophy.   Trophies are items that can be added to an already exiting magic item in order to make it [...]

Release of New Product Line: Kill or Be Killed!

Editor-in-Chief | February 23, 2010

I’m very proud this week to announce that Neuroglyph Games has released its new product line: Kill or Be Killed!  This product line is devoted to bringing your Player-Characters action-packed battles against new and unique “boss” monsters.  These encounters can be used as a stand-alone combat, with almost no preparation, or can be used to [...]

Variations on an Eldritch Theme: Trophies

Editor-in-Chief | February 22, 2010

“…and see this sword?  These are dragon’s teeth in the pommel, and this hilt is its claw!  See there was this dragon and…” ~ An Adventurer bragging about a Trophy
While running a D&D 4e game for some friends recently, I’ve had to deal with an issue that is bit vulgar.  However, I am fairly sure [...]