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News in Review for Oct 25 to Oct 31 2010 (Halloween Special!)

Editor-in-Chief | October 31, 2010

This past week has been a busy one from Wizards of the Coast, with product excerpts being posted from two new upcoming releases: the Monster Vault and the second Essentials D&D players guide The Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms.  Both these products will hit the store next month, and WotC are sharing some fairly enticing excerpts.  [...]

The Hexblade Rebooted

Editor-in-Chief | October 29, 2010

This morning, WotC released a new excerpt from Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms, featuring a new build for the Warlock class – the Hexblade.  Frankly, I am just not sure what I feel about the release of this new build, due no doubt in part, from my previous opportunity to DM to an incredibly dynamic portrayal [...]

EN World Review – The Manor of Deceit by Blackbyrne Publishing

Editor-in-Chief | October 27, 2010

Happy “Hump” Day, Fellow Gamers!  It is Wednesday, and today’s review is posted, as usual, over at EN World News!  This particular adventure is the second in a series that forms The Dark Veil Campaign Arc by Blackbyrne Publishing, and is the sequel to The Hidden Current.
Please click the link to read today’s review:
Review of [...]

Night of the “Tocking” Dead

Editor-in-Chief | October 25, 2010

An Undead Monster Theme for use with D&D 4E

I had been working on some Monster Themes to use for a possible foray into the Shadowfell, and I had been thinking movies for the genre, and for some reason Van Helsing came to mind. While I was not a particular fan of this Hugh Jackman [...]

News in Review Oct 18 to Oct 24 2010

Editor-in-Chief | October 24, 2010

Running a bit late today getting this news blog posted.  We had to change one of my D&D gaming sessions to noontime rather than the evening, so my Sunday schedule got messed up.  But I have to say it was a great session, giving us nearly five hours of play time, and we got a [...]