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News in Review for Nov 22 to Nov 28 2010

Editor-in-Chief | November 28, 2010

Have to make this a short review of the D&D 4E news this week, since I am forced to post this from the local coffee shop’s wifi.  The home bandwidth is having terrible latency and ping issues, which hopefully will be resolved tomorrow from the cable internet provider.
Obviously, with the Thanksgiving Holiday this past week [...]

Black Friday & A Very Short Christmas Wishlist

Editor-in-Chief | November 26, 2010

Sometime during the passing of the potatoes or as you’re chewing that big bite of turkey, someone at the table inevitably asks you: “So what do you want for Christmas this year?”  Meeting their wild-eyed gaze, you realize that while they are physically here at the Thanksgiving table, their spirit is already formulating the strategy [...]

Review of Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book #1 by IDW

Tizzbin Fizzlewitz | November 24, 2010

Editor’s Note: Today, we are offering TWO reviews of Issue #1 of the Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book by IDW, Tizzbin has offered to guest-blog this review, and you can click over and check out for the EN World Review by Neuroglyph.  Enjoy!
It’s always a challenge to start a new comic series these days – [...]

Review of Wild Wide Web by Taurus XII

Editor-in-Chief | November 22, 2010

Side trek adventures offer Dungeon Masters a quick fix to several issues that can arise in their campaigns.  The foremost issue is usually preparation time, which almost any DM runs into at some time or another.  A quick side trek on the way to an adventure site fills up a gaming session with a fun [...]

News in Review for Nov 15 to Nov 21 2010

Editor-in-Chief | November 21, 2010

Although there were some great content articles put out this week by WotC and in various independent blogsites, the big news of this week had to be the flak over the new and improved DDI Character Builder.  Voices rose around the web as the 4E community grew frustrated over the release of a bug-laden product, [...]