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Dungeons & Gangbangers: Courts claim DMs are Gang Leaders?!

Editor-in-Chief | January 28, 2011

When this story was brought to my attention by one of my Players, I was sure he was playing a practical joke.  Then I thought that maybe it was one of those “spoof” news stories like you would find over at The  But sadly, fellow Gamers, it is not the case – Dungeon Masters [...]

Cataclysmic Campaigning: Three D&D Tips I Learned from World of Warcraft

Editor-in-Chief | January 26, 2011

Last month, the hugely popular fantasy MMORPG, World of Warcraft, released its third expansion entitled Cataclysm.  Now I am sure that I am not the only 4E gamer out there who also “dabbles” in Azeroth from time to time, and I know many of you have shared in the amazing changes this expansion has brought [...]

Foreshadowing, Rising Action, & Daily Powers

Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2011

[Editor’s Note:  It’s good to be back again!  Between an extended Holiday break, post-Holiday ennui, and a bout of illness, there has not been a lot of posting here at Neuroglyph Games blogsite.  But now that things are getting better, you can expect to see blogs and reviews again!]
Last Saturday, I once again tested the [...]

Review of Dark Sun Comic Issue #1 by IDW

Tizzbin Fizzlewitz | January 5, 2011

Editor’s Note: Today, as with the Issue #1 of the Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book, we are offering TWO reviews for the price of one! Tizzbin will once again serve as guest-blogger for this Review of the Dark Sun Comic Issue #1, and you can click over and check out for the EN World [...]