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EN World Review – Soldiers of Fortune by Matt James

Editor-in-Chief | February 23, 2011

Well I’ve posted another EN World Review this week, and I have the real pleasure to recommend the new Soldiers of Fortune sourcebook to my fellow Dungeon Masters and 4E gamers.  This D&D 4E supplement was written by Matt James for the folks at Open Design – the publishers of Kobold Quarterly incidentally – and [...]

Religion Re-Envisioned in D&D (Part II): Temples in Conflict

Editor-in-Chief | February 18, 2011

“This here town’s not big enough for the both of us…”
The term Church Militant is an old classification by the Roman Catholic Church to describe all those living souls here on earth, striving to attain heaven by struggling against the temptations of evil and sin.  But at its fundamental meaning, it also could be said [...]

EN World Review – Dungeons & Dragons (2-Movie Collection)

Editor-in-Chief | February 16, 2011

Here we are again, on Wednesday, and my regular EN World Review absolutely had to be the new Blu-Ray version of the Dungeons & Dragons movie bundle – Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie and Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God!  The boxed set just came out just this week, and I’m sure will [...]

Religion Re-Envisioned in D&D 4E (Part I)

Editor-in-Chief | February 14, 2011

Recently, I have been DVR-ing the first season of “The Tudors” on BBC America, hosted by the winsomely adorable Lenora Critchlow from the British version of “Being Human”.  Anglophile that I am, I have to state that I can only accept one true version of “Being Human” by the way – I refuse to acknowledge [...]

EN World Review – Kobold Quarterly #16 (Winter 2011)

Editor-in-Chief | February 9, 2011

Well, here it is Wednesday again, and this week I am finally getting around to reviewing the latest Kobold Quarterly Issue 16 (Winter 2011).  I am lucky enough to be on Kobold #1’s reviewer list, and feel quite fortunate to have gotten an abundance of great review copies  over the last year.
You can read all [...]