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The Author

In the Winter of 1978, I dragged my mother into local mall toy store.  Pulling her passed the board games, models, and other toys, I stopped by a shelf arrayed with multiple copies of three books over a display of oddly shaped dice.  And there I labored to explain why of any other game or toy I could have,  all I wanted for Christmas was these three books – The Players Handbook, The Monster Manual, and The Dungeon Masters’ Guide – and, of course, some of these amazingly cool dice!

And with that, a Lifelong Gamer was born.

I have been running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for over 30 years now, occasionally stepping around the screen to play in a D&D game myself now and then.  And although I have tried a plethora of other games systems – like Champions, Traveller, Shadowrun and many others – I have always returned to D&D, in all its incarnations.  For me, the old adage is true about old habits being hard to break!

Like many others, I had a Dream that one day I could write for the Gaming Industry, and share my campaigns, adventures, and dungeon mastering knowledge with Lifelong Gamers like me.  And now, finally, with so many online resources available like never before, I can finally make that Dream a Reality!

Michael Evans, September 2009

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