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EN World Double Review – Midgard Bestiary (Pathfinder RPG Edition) & Party of One by Open Design

midgard party combo coverWell met, gentle Readers!  I hope this week finds you all in good spirits, and enjoying many wonderful gaming pursuits!  Most likely, I’d imagine many fantasy gamers are giving the new Diablo III a try, since it just came out yesterday.  I’m a huge fan of the game series myself, and just downloaded the client today – and after I get this blog posted, I plan to storm the gates of Hell!

I had been trying out The Secret World beta a bit, but I’m not sure if I like it or not yet.  What I like in the game, I REALLY love… but what I don’t like in the game, I REALLY hate!    I look forward to the NDA lifting to write a blog about it in detail… just wish I liked it all.

On the tabletop RPG front, in an effort to get through a mountain of game products I’ve been getting already this spring, I’m doing a DOUBLE REVIEW of two Pathfinder products by Open Design.  The folks that bring you Kobold Quarterly have a monster manual for their Zobeck setting called the Midgard Bestiary (Pathfinder RPG Edition).  I reviewed a similar offering for the DragonAGE system, but this new bestiary is twice as big, with tons of new monsters.  I also have a review of a solo adventure in the Party of One series called Alosar Emanli & the Creatures from the Fallen Star.

For all the details on these two Pathfinder supplements, please click the link below and head over to EN World to check out the double review in full:

Double Review: Midgard Bestiary (Pathfinder RPG Edition) & Party of One: Alosar Emanli by Open Design

Chances are good that I’ll be doing a few more of these double reviews as the summer presses on toward GenCon 2012.  There’s a lot of RPG games and gaming products coming out right now, and I’ll try and review as much of it as I can in the coming weeks!

Assuming I’m not busy fighting Diablo, of course…

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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