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EN World Pre-Release Review – Atlantis Rising by Z-Man Games

Atlantis_Rising_coverSeeing as it is Wednesday once again, I’m sure you’re all unsurprised that I have yet another review posted on EN World News.  We are, of course, counting the days until GenCon 2012, the “best four days of gaming”, which is scheduled to begin just two weeks from now!  And since there is more to gaming than just role-playing games and collectible card games, I was pleased to have the opportunity to check out a board game which is scheduled to be released later this month!

When I was at Origins Game Fair a couple months ago, I happened to meet Galen Ciscell at WotC’s Dungeon Command Demo.  It turns out that he was a board game designer for Z-Man Games, and I talked him into facilitating a chance to review his release before it hits the shelves.

Atlantis Rising is a cooperative board game combining resource management with some cataclysmic mechanics which would challenge any homeland security or disaster relief agency.  Set in the final days of the fabled ancient civilization, Atlantis Rising challenges players to band together to save their homeland before it sinks beneath the sea.

For more information about the game, please click the link below and head over to EN World to read the full review:

Pre-Release Review of Atlantis Rising by Z-Man Games

My initial impressions about the game were “OMG EVIL GAME”, but that was wrong, and I’ve since come to really appreciate the different play style that a cooperative game brings forth.  It’s a tough game to play, and really forces players to put competition aside and work together, or else suffer a crushing defeat.

I want to express my thanks to Brett Painter for hosting my play test of the game for the review, as well as to his daughter Rachel for joining in the fun and frustration.  And to Tizzbin the Media Gnome, for taking pics of our botched attempt to save the doomed island – hopefully, he’s recovered from his annoyance at having a cardboard game beat him down.

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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