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EN World Pre-Release Review – The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V by Pinnacle Entertainment Group

TLP EBV CoverHappy Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

The weekend has finally arrived and I hope that you all have some great plans for some gaming fun over the next couple days.  For my part, I’ve got my regularly scheduled D&D 3.5 game this weekend, and my Bard Leandros has recently added some Druid training to his repertoire, learning the ancient lore and old stories of the world.  I’m closing in on being able to start the Fachlucan College Prestige Class which should be fun to explore.  Although there has been some debate about whether we should convert the characters in this current campaign over to the new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons – at which point any plans for a Prestige Class becomes somewhat moot!

I also have my Savage Worlds Deluxe Space Opera campaign this weekend, and I continue to be very pleased with the system and how well my players are taking to it.  The characters have completed their first mission together and are now on their way down to a paradisiacal water world for a few days rest and relaxation.  But of course, all sorts of evils can lurk in even the loveliest paradise.

On the topic of Savage Worlds Deluxe, this week I had the amazing opportunity to review a new setting series by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V is but one of three new outer space campaign settings for use with Savage Worlds Deluxe RPG.  Each new book for The Last Parsec is its own campaign arc in a shared setting, with a fully developed star system, tons of details, and plenty of action and adventure just waiting to be discovered!

To check out all the details about this Savage Worlds Deluxe RPG setting, just click on the link below and hyperspace-jump your way over to EN World and read my full review:

Pre-Release Review of The Last Parsec: Pinnacle Entertainment Kickstarts New Savage Worlds… in Deep Space!

I was very pleased to get a very early pre-release copy of The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V for my EN World Review column, and would like to send a big Thank You to the folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment for granting me an early viewing.  And there are still a few days left in a very successful Kickstarter for this book, two other campaign sourcebooks, and a whole bunch of Stretch Goal goodies…  definitely go check it out!

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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