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EN World Review – Achtung! Cthulhu: Keeper’s Guide by Modiphius Entertainment

achtung cthulhu coverHappy Thursday to you, Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!

So despite February coming to a close, we are still not getting a break from Winter just yet.  Last week’s thaw was just Mother Nature having a go at us with a nasty prank, and arctic cold has descended upon us yet again.

This is the kind of Winter that makes me want to move to the tropics – but then, I’m always stuck wondering how I’d be able to get back every year to go to GENCON.  Really, it’s quite a quandary.

This week, I had the chance to review a new product by Modiphius Entertainment, which was actually designed for two game systems – Call of Cthulhu and Savage WorldsAchtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide presents an RPG campaign setting filled with Lovecraftian Horror against the backdrop of World War II, and pits the PC Allied Investigators against the occult masters of the Third Reich!

To read all about Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide this week, please click on the link below and head over to EN World News to check out my review:

Achtung! Cthulhu: Keeper’s Guide: When NAZIS Shooting at You Just isn’t SCARY ENOUGH!

I really have to say I was impressed with the quality of the writing and presentation of Achtung! Cthulhu: Keeper’s Guide.  I can see this sort of setting having a great mass appeal to CoC fans, and I want to thank Modiphius Entertainment for the opportunity to review this product.

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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Michael is an Adept of a Secret Order of Dungeon Masters, and dwells in a hidden realm with his two evil cat-familiars, deep within the Vale of Wolverines, called by some "Michigan". He has been esoterically conjuring D&D Campaigns for nearly a Third of a Century, and has been known to cast ritual blogs concerning Dungeons & Dragons every few days with some regularity. Michael has freelanced for Wizards of the Coast, and writes reviews of D&D and other Role-Playing Game products on EN World News.


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