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EN World Review – Advanced Encounters: Alternative Objectives

alt obj coverOnce again, Fellow Gamers, I must offer my warmest greetings this week to offset another winter storm rolling across half the country!  But despite Winter Storm Rocky (who makes up these names?) dumping piles of snow and freezing rain everywhere it reaches, hopefully for most of us, it provides an easy excuse to stay indoors, hang with friends, and get some good gaming done.

Personally, all I care about right now is that this blasted weather clears up enough by this weekend for me to head down to Toledo and run my 4E Doombringer Campaign!  I’ve had an encounter planned for several weeks now, and I want to see if it turns into the bloodbath I think it will be. <evil chuckle>

This week for my EN World Review, I have a D&D 4E supplement released late last year by Sneak Attack Press.  It’s part of the Advanced Encounters series the publisher is releasing to give DMs more options and ideas on how to add more diversity to 4E encounters.  Alternative Objectives offers story-driven goals to add to a combat, at times making killing monsters and NPCs secondary to the action.

To read all the details of this supplement, please click the link below to head over to EN World News for the review in full:

Review of Advanced Encounters: Alternative Objectives by Sneak Attack Press

I’ve reviewed a number of products now released by Sneak Attack Press, and I think this one will be quite useful to a number of D&D 4E DMs out there – and even a few GMs who favor other RPGs as well.  Encounter building in 4E can be fairly straightforward, as simple as dropping monsters into the hopper until the XP goal is reached.  But products like Alternative Objectives demonstrate how rich and complex a 4E encounter can become, offering players new threats to pit their heroes against, and making the adventure that much more memorable.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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