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EN World Review – Adventures Dark and Deep Player’s Manual by Joseph Bloch

add cover finalGreetings and Happy Spring, Fellow Gamers!

I’ve had an incredibly busy week since my last post, as I’ve been judging a ton of games and accessories for this year’s Origins/GAMA Awards at Origins Game Fair!  Actually, it wasn’t a ton, but was pretty close to 75 pounds of game books and a bunch of PDFs up for this year’s Best RPG and Best RPG Supplement.  And it was really hard to decide my top recommendations for the Awards with so many amazing releases over the course of 2013!

I’ll have more information on the entries once the rest of the juries have reported in and our Foreman gives us the finalists!

But despite my wading through piles of gaming books this week, I still managed to post a new RPG product review over at EN World News.   This week, I had a great time checking out an OSR Fantasy RPG called Adventures Dark and Deep by Joseph Bloch.  Crafted from AD&D rules, Unearthed Arcana, various Dragon articles, and other writings of the Great Gary Gygax, Adventures Dark and Deep purports to be the D&D 2nd Edition that Gygax Himself might have created.

So to check out Adventures Dar and Deep, just click the link below to wend your way to EN World News and give my review a read:

Adventures Dark and Deep Player’s Manual: A Gygaxian Vision Made Manifest by Joseph Bloch

Overall, I really like Adventures Dark and Deep, and I have a few friends who are mega-fans of OSR and retro-clones to whom I can recommend this High Fantasy RPG.   Whether it’s truly a Gygaxian vision for 2nd Edition is up for each gamer to judge, but regardless of that, it’s a fine example of great OSR game design!

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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