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EN World Review – Aethos by BTRC

aethos-coverGood day to you, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

I hope this week finds you in good spirits, and preparing for some exciting gaming opportunities this coming weekend.  I have three game nights scheduled this weekend: a Friday night of MTG, my Doombringer Campaign in Toledo on Saturday night, and then the new 3.5 campaign I’m playing in coming up this Sunday – it’s like a mini gamefest this weekend!

I’m also very excited about the fact that Pre-Registration for GENCON 2014 starts in just 3 DAYS and I can’t wait to get signed up to attend.  Hotel registration for GENCON starts two days later on the 28th of January, and I am totally ready to attend the Best Four Days of Gaming this year.

And as this is Thursday, I am pleased to announce that I have posted another RPG product review on EN World News last night, and I wanted to make sure my Good Readers had a chance to check it out.  Aethos is a unique science fiction/space opera setting by BTRC, an indie press which also released a universal RPG system – EABA – upon which this setting is based.  It adds a new twist to the typical space opera setting, offering a dystopic place where humans and aliens are prisoners on a massive worldship under the control of a mysterious and ultra-powerful race called the Aeth!

To read all about the setting, please click on the link below to sail over to EN World News and check out the review in full:

BTRC’s Aethos space-opera setting is earth-shatteringly “out of this world”… Literally!

In case you’re wondering, I was actually very impressed with Aethos, and I think it makes for a fresh new take on the whole science fiction/outer space/scary aliens genre.  The setting could easily be used – with very little effort on the GMs part – as the backdrop for almost any RPG out there.  The setting also has a lot to say about mankind’s place in the universe – a reminder of just how vulnerable and precious our little planet Earth really is in the vast unknowns of space…

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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