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EN World Review – Against the Slave Lords by Wizards of the Coast

AtSL coverWe ride on the Hells… tomorrow!” (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

Welcome Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

With the recent scorching heat wave blasting much of the Midwest this week, that quote from the old series of Dragon Magazine articles regarding the Nine Hells seems to cross my mind about a half dozen times every day!  Thankfully, conditioning of the air is the perfect counter-spell to hellish heat wave – although only part of the rooms in my dwelling seems to be affected by its baleful effects…

As I do most every Wednesday, I have published a new review over at EN World News – this time with a new WotC release!  What with OSR games being so much in the spotlight these days, I was very pleased to get a recent release from Wizards of the Coast this week – even if it was a touch late arriving.  Against the Slave Lords was released last month, and is a compilation of one of the best series of old TSR modules, all bound in one of the new, “premium” hardbound tomes.

To read the full text of today’s review, please click the link to head over to EN World News to get my appraisal of this new tome stuffed with old wonders:

Against the Slave Lords – Fanning the Flames of the OSR Revolution!

This premium release featuring the A-series of adventures, in their original form, is a great opportunity for many fans of AD&D and OSR gamers.   And this new book also features a brand new prequel module by Skip Williams, creating a great backstory for the player-characters’ vendetta with the Slave Lords!

And so until next blog… I wish you happy gaming (and hopefully a respite from the heat)!

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