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EN World Review – Age of Cthulhu (Vol. V) by Goodman Games

age of cthul v coverIt is Wednesday once again, dear Readers, and I hope this week is going well for you all!  I know I’ve been doing quite a bit of reviews lately from game systems and genres other than D&D 4E, but personally, I’ve been excited to see the interest in my reviews from other parts of our gaming community.

This week, I am reviewing one of my favorite genres of games on EN World, which will come as no surprise to Readers of previous blogs, who know that I am a huge fan of the Cthulhu Mythos and other outré horror!  Even my D&D groups can testify that I have a real penchant for introducing tentacled abominations and other horrors from the Far Realms into my campaigns, and enjoy adding horror to the sord and sorcery mix.

And I should probably mention here that my published D&D 4E adventure series Curse at the Old Inn and Bane of the Warlock, both based upon Lovecraftian themes, is about to be joined by a third horrific installment, Dreams of the Warlock!  But I digress…

Call of Cthulhu was the third game system I was introduced to after I was introduced to role-playing games by Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and I am still a fan to this day.  Goodman Games recently sent me their most recent Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement, the fifth installment in their series, called Age of Cthulhu (Volume V): The long Reach of Evil, and its packed with three adventures set around the world in the 1920’s.

For complete details about the product, you can click the link below to head over to EN World and read the full review:

Review of Age of Cthulhu (Vol. V): The Long Reach of Evil by Goodman Games

I really enjoyed reviewing this work, and it definitely makes me want to haul out my box of Call of Cthulhu books and run a session or two as we head into the Halloween season.  CoC is one of those foundational role-playing game experiences that not only made me into the gamer I am today, but one of those game systems I always look back on fondly, and remember long-gone friends who shared many a night going slowly insane at my gaming table, facing horrors from beyond the stars!  (SAN LOSS!)

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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