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EN World Review – Ambition & Avarice by Chubby Funster Games

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Happy Holidays, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

It’s finally here – the last week before Christmas, and there is precious little time left for preparing for the holiday!  Thankfully, I’m all done with my preparations – all my cards have been sent, my shopping lists completed, and gifts are winging their way to family and friends.

I’ve learned my lesson from last season, when I waited until the last minute and had a frantic time getting everything done on Christmas Eve!

But to the matter at hand – I have posted one last review for this calendar year over on EN World News tonight, taking a look at a D&D retro-clone by Chubby Funster GamesAmbition & Avarice is an OSR RPG, with a blend of familiar and uniquely new game mechanics, as well as some edgy character classes and dark races.

For the all the details about this OSR RPG, click on the link below and slide on over to EN World News to read the complete review there:

Chubby Funster Games stuffs Ambition & Avarice into OSR Fantasy RPGs!

I liked with game, with only a few reservations (you can read those in my review), and it has features and ideas which are well worth taking a peep into that rulebook.

So to every one of my Gentle Readers, I extend the anticipation of a wonderful Holiday Season, and a safe and exciting New Year’s Eve!  And I hope you’ll check at the First Day of 2014 for my first review of the Year!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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