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EN World Review – Basic Roleplaying Mecha by Alephtar Games

BR Mecha coverHail and well met, Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!

I hope you’re enjoying this Thursday morning, and depending upon your location, might be experiencing a bit of a thaw today.  Sadly, in the Vale of Wolverines, we had our little “heat wave” yesterday and thought we might see an end to some snow.  But alas, I wake this morning to be greeted by yet another day of snowfall… yet again.

I am really quite done with this whole Winter-thing – there’s never a Druid with a weather control fetish around when you need one!

But heedless of the weather, I have yet another review posted on EN World News posted up.  Last year, Alephtar Games released a game using Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying system – Basic Roleplaying Mecha – designed to allow a GM to create or interpret any Mecha-setting they like.

To read about all the Giant Robot Fun in Basic Roleplaying Mecha, please click the link below and zoom over to EN World News to read all about this review:

Mecha-Gaming! GO! With Basic Roleplaying Mecha from Alephtar Games

There’s some very nice adaptations of classic Mecha weapons, gadgets, and other mech gear, as well as some excellent rule variants to make BRP work for the genre.  If you are a fan of this sort of anime, it’s Basic Roleplaying Mecha is well worth taking a glance at for your gaming group.

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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