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EN World Review – Book of Words: Energy Words Revisited (for Pathfinder RPG) by Dale C. McCoy, Jr

bow en wrds revWarmest Greeting and Salutations to you, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

I offer my sincerest apologies for the absence of a review and blog last Wednesday, but I came down with a terrible curse, which I like to think of as “demon eye”. It was most painful and made my ocular orb a hellish red color all over, which, while appropriate for Halloween, is a terrible way to spend a pair of weeks!  In fact, a week ago I was half-blind in the afflicted eye, so hopefully you can understand and forgive my tardy review!

Sadly, the “demon eye” also prevented me from attending the party for which I have labored to make a splendid costume for my attendance.  However, I am not too chagrined as I have full intentions of wearing it to attend Youmacon this coming Saturday, so all my work will not have been in vain!

But as it is, in fact, Wednesday, I have a new review posted over on EN World News today!  This week I have taken a gander at Jon Brazer Enterprises’ newest supplement for Pathfinder RPG.  The Book of Words: Energy Words Revisited supplement offers an overhaul of the alternate “wordspell” magic system found in the Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic sourcebook.  In essence we have a variant or a variant system, and the author has set forth clear goals of what changes he believes need to be changed in order for the spell system to really work!

To read more information about this supplement, please click on the link below to dimensional hop yourself over to EN World News to check out the review in full:

Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Book of Words: Energy Words Revisited Tries to Make Sense of Pathfinder RPG’s Wordspell Jumble

I promise to have some Youmacon pics to check out, as well as pics of my cosplay attire in next week’s blog, as well as have another fascinating review of a new Space Opera RPG!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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