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EN World Review – Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom

bpandhk coverThis Wednesday has certainly been quite a troublesome one, but I finally got my Review posted over at the EN World News site.  Having the power knocked out for several hours, not only one’s apartment but to the whole block as well, has made for one interesting day!  I suppose I should be thankful that the powers-that-be restored mine before nightfall!

So today’s review was of the adventure setting by Nevermet Press entitled Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom, and you can find the full details at the link below:

Review of Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom by Nevermet Press

Like Vor Rukoth by Wizards of the Coast, Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom by Nevermet Press provides Dungeon Masters with content information which allows them to create a variety of adventures around a particular locale, and utilizing a particular theme.  Although Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom goes a step further than the aforementioned WotC product and actually provides a ready-made adventure module, there is still plenty of source material in the book for Dungeon Masters to launch their own series of adventures or even form a mini-campaign around the storyline.

So what sorts of adventure material do you like best?  Are you a fan of adventure settings or prefer modules?  Or do you just like to grab a sourcebook and create your own?  Feel free to take the poll below, and as always, your comments are most welcome!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

Which forms of adventure source material do you like best?

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