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EN World Review – The Complete Advanced Feats by Sigfried Trent

advanced feats coverHappy Thursday, Fellow Gamers!  I hope that this mid-week finds you well as we come to the close of June.  Due to some technical issues, this week’s EN World Review is running a day late, but as they say, better late than never. In honor of PaizonCon 2011, which was held earlier this month, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review a third-party product published for the Pathfinder game system for my weekly EN World News article.

Open Design LLC has been publishing products for several editions of Dungeons & Dragons now, and has been doing some very nice pieces of Pathfinder content as well.  Of course, their most notable product is the famous Kobold Quarterly, touted as the “Switzerland of the Edition Wars”, and offers content for not only D&D 4E and 3.5, but for Pathfinder, and more recently the new DragonAge RPG. Last month, they published a new supplement for Paizo’s Pathfinder rules, specifically meant to add more content in the wake of the Advanced Players Guide release.

The Complete Advanced Feats book is a combination supplement of new feats and a “players strategy guide” for designing new characters using the six new character classes in the Advanced Players Guide.  There is a lot of very nifty content here, and for a complete review, please click on the link below to head over to EN World for all the details:

Review of The Complete Advanced Feats by Sigfried Trent

While I don’t run a Pathfinder game myself, I would definitely want to include this book in my game if I did, as there are a lot of great ideas and content here for players and GMs to enhance their campaigns.  The author of this book, Sigfried Trent, has been working on the Netbook of Feats for several years now, and shows he has good editorial sense when it comes to feat design.

By the way, next week I’m hoping to get my copy of the new 4E Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, and look forward to doing a review of this new official D&D product!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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