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EN World Review – Cosmic Patrol by Catalyst Games Lab

cosmic patrol coverHere we are, and it’s Wednesday once again Dear Readers, and I have just posted a new review over on EN World News!  I hope that this week finds you well, and for those of you, like me, in the path of Winter Storm Nemo,  I hope you’ve made all your preparations for what is likely to be a nasty Nor’easter blizzard!

And for those of you who aren’t in the path of the storm, well I hope you enjoy your nice weather, and can get in some great gaming this weekend.  Thankfully, my DCC game scheduled for Saturday is only a few blocks from my place, so I’m fairly sure we can all gather for the second exciting session despite the snowfall.

This week, I’m reviewing a role-playing game by Catalyst Game Labs called Cosmic Patrol.  It’s set in the distant future of old school, Golden Age science-fiction, so think more Lost in Space than Star Trek here – or better yet, perhaps the movie Forbidden Planet represents it best!

To read all the details about this game system, please click the link below to head over to EN World News and check out the review I posted over there tonight:

Review of Cosmic Patrol by Catalyst Games Lab

Overall, I really liked the game, but then I’m an avid reader of Golden Age scifi short stories, and have something like nine anthologies lurking on my bookshelves for when I want a quick enjoyable read.  It’s an indie-style game and very plot and narrative driven, but has a simple, solidly designed system that allows for concentration on role-playing, which is a definite plus for many gamers.  Take a look, and see what you think – maybe your gaming group might like to grab their bubble-helmets and rayguns, and head to the stars for a while!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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