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EN World Review – Critical Hit & Fumble Card Deck by Geek Corps Productions

PowerPoint PresentationGreetings fellow gamers!  It is Wednesday once again, and I trust that every has managed to make it through the first part of the week smoothly, and are looking forward to the coming weekend!  Of course, yesterday was Fat Tuesday, so I imagine there was some celebrating going on somewhere.  I myself celebrated yesterday by devouring three whole paczkis, which is almost a requirement in this part of the USA, with the huge Polish population in Hamtramck baking enough of these pastries to bury a small town!

But as it is Wednesday, I have another review posted on EN World News, offering a new role-playing accessory for use in Dungeons & Dragons, or any other Fantasy RPG.  Geek Corps Productions has a set of Critical Hit & Fumble Cards out, to use to help gamers add new levels of brutality and violence to their heroic combats.

For all the details, please click the link below and head over to EN World to read the complete review:

Review of Critical Hit & Fumble Card Deck by Geek Corps Productions

Sadly, I’m not sure how many gaming groups would find these cards useful, particularly due to the brutality of the critical hits and fumbles, and the tongue-in-cheek writing on the cards.  Certainly, some gaming groups might enjoy the humorous style of these cards, riffing off the death-pun write-ups.  But sadly, more immersive role-players would likely simply find these cards an annoying distraction from the real story telling happening in their favorite fantasy role-playing game.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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