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EN World Review – Dungeon Crawler Miniatures

dc_DCM_LogoHappy Humpday, fellow gamers!  I hope this day finds you well, and that you are making some great game related plans for the coming weekend!

Personally, I’m finding that all that’s on my mind is tonight’s Presidential Debate, and wanted to make sure and get my review today posted early so I could watch the event.  It’s rather funny to me to realize that as I grow older I find myself more and more obsessed with politics, when I was actually fairly apathetic about the whole process back in my college days, and far more obsessed with just gaming!  But you won’t hear any political discussions here, I promise you that much – I think it’s only healthy to keep one’s obsessions separate whenever possible.

Today is a first for my review topics – miniatures!  I recently received three sets of miniatures from Dungeon Crawler, which offers both painted and unpainted light-weight plastic miniatures for fantasy and horror RPGs.  And although these three sets represent the sum total of their miniatures lines, Dungeon Crawler does have a Kickstarter campaign going for designing and releasing even more miniatures in the coming year.

For more information about the mini sets from Dungeon Crawler, please click the link below and head over to EN World to read the full details of the review:

Review of Dungeon Crawler Miniatures

Overall, I like the minis, and think they show a lot of promise.  It’s also exciting to see “new blood” breaking into the fantasy miniature arena, and I hope their Kickstarter is a success so that we might see what other minis Dungeon Crawler might offer someday!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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  1. panzerleader says:

    Cool never even head of this line before, and those tentacles are sweet. I am sorely tempted. will i ever have enough miniatures? i think not.

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