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EN World Review – Elminster’s Forgotten Realms by WotC

elminster forgotten realms coverHail and well met fellow gamers!  I hope that this Hump Day finds you well, especially for those of you who are living on the East Coast now in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  To those of you who were in the path of the storm, I hope that you stay safe, and wish you all the best with your cleanup efforts in the difficult days to come.

As an aside, both my review and this entire blog has been written using speech-to-text software, which I am trying out in order to see if it increases my productivity as I blog.  So far, the experiment has gone quite well, although I think the software is still getting used to my voice, so please forgive any unusual numbers of typos!

You might also note from my greeting there’s a bit of Forgotten Realms accent in my speech, which is no mere coincidence given a topic of my EN World Review today.  Today’s review features Wizards of the Coast’s new release – Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster’s Forgotten Realms.  This system-neutral book contains a massive amounts of details pertaining to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, not to mention new and never before released material from Ed Greenwood’s personal notes.

For all the details, please click the link below and head over to EN World News to read the review in its entirety:

Review of Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster’s Forgotten Realms by Wizards of the Coast

As a fan of the Forgotten Realms for many years I really enjoyed reviewing this new source book, and will certainly be trying to utilize much of the content to bring new and interesting details to my own D&D campaigns.  And while I may be a DM, I think that players with characters hailing from the forgotten realms will find out why this material invaluable in their role playing and as a way to bring their characters greater depth and more dimensions as experience adventures in the Faerûn.

I really liked that this book is system-neutral as it provides a perfect platform for conveying the thoughts and ideas that Ed Greenwood has had for his amazing fantasy world, without the sometimes confining strictures of game mechanics.  There’s already been plenty of material published about Faerûn for various editions of Dungeons & Dragons, and this book is, in a way, the Forgotten Realms in its purest form, a gateway to the delights of a wonderfully detailed fantasy world, which fans of the novels and of role-playing games in both enjoy.

So until next blog…  I wish you happy gaming!

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