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EN World Review – New Paths: The Expanded Shaman by Kobold Press

shaman coverGreetings Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!  I hope this “hump-day” finds you well, and, like me, greatly decompressed after the events of last week’s Election.  Personally, I found the anticipation and aftermath of this year’s Presidential Election to be a bit of a stressful side, with my own political activism definitely getting the better of me this time around!  But coming out of this Election cycle, I find myself inspired to become more involved in politics and current events, and have laid plans to create an outlet for my new civic mindedness, hopefully allowing me to also broaden my writing and publishing talents.

But enough of politics and elections!  I expect that many have had more than enough of that over these many months – and this is after all, a gaming website! This week I’ve come across a new Pathfinder product release by Kobold Press, offering a new core character class complete with feats and of archetypes.  New Paths: The Expanded Shaman takes the core Druid class as its base, and creating more primal spontaneous spell caster for use in a variety of campaign settings.  As many new class features and a different play style which many Pathfinder gamers are likely to find very intriguing.

For all the details about this product, please click on the link below and head over to the EN World News to read the complete review:

Review of New Paths: The Expanded Shaman by Kobold Press

I really enjoyed the direction that the author takes the druid class and how was reworking of a new core class for the Pathfinder game system.  While some players and game masters might be familiar with the shaman class published by Super Genius Games, I still think this new a shaman class by Kobold Press has a lot to offer the Pathfinder gaming community.  Fans of the druid class will find the shaman to have all of the fun of the original class, but with some exciting new features well worth exploring in a role-playing game!

So until next blog…  I wish you Happy Gaming!

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