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EN World Review – Fire As She Bears by Frog God Games

Fire_as_She_Bears_PF coverHappy Thursday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

Another week down in the countdown to the Best Four Days of Gaming – there’s only a mere 27 days left before GENCON is finally here!  I’m still combing through the Event list myself for any last minute additions to fill in the holes in my schedule.  But to be honest, there isn’t much time left unaccounted for this time around, which is probably a bad thing, considering I need to leave some time to hit the Exhibition Hall and meet with publishers and game designers!  But I should have plenty of content for some blogs during and after the convention, and I’ll be taking plenty of pics to post of all the happenings at GENCON 2014!

And for Heroic Fantasy RPG fans, there was some great news this week - the D&D Starter Set was finally released to the public yesterday (See my review here from last week for all the details!)  Of course, the real “meat” of this new Dungeons & Dragons edition is due out next month at GENCON when the D&D Players Handbook is made available to gamers.  But I daresay that the D&D Starter Set will have done a good job tantalizing the gaming community and there will be fans aplenty lined up to get their hands on a copy of the new PHB!

Of course, this week I have a new review posted over on EN World for my regular column, and I’m finally getting around to a product from Frog God Games that was released last fall.  Fire As She Bears is a Pathfinder RPG supplement to bring the world of tall masted wooden ships together with iron tough heroes looking for an indepth nautical adventures on the high seas!

To check out all the details about this Pathfinder RPG supplement, just click on the link below and sail on over to EN World and read my review:

Take Pathfinder Adventure & Combat to the High Seas with Frog God Games FIRE AS SHE BEARS!

I have to say that Frog God Games really did a great job addressing some of the details which are typically lacking in many heroic fantasy sea voyages, and opens up all kinds of character options to make the ocean-traveling experience more detailed and enjoyable.  And while ostensibly designed for their Razor Coast setting under the rules for Pathfinder RPG, there is still plenty of great content ideas in this book that could be used in other game systems, so it’s well worth consideration if you like high fantasy adventures on the high seas!

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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