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EN World Review: Forgotten Rituals by Taurus XII

Magical Memories From Beyond : Forgotten RitalsAs I announced last week, I was offered and have enthusiastically accepted the position of Staff Reviewer at EN World.  And so I will be posting a review over there once a week, on every Wednesday, so definitely check out today’s review at EN World!

Today’s review is about an ebook supplement of new Rituals from Taurus XII, and it offers some fairly interesting and never-before-seen Rituals to 4E that can be used in almost any setting.  For full details about the Ritual, click the link below:

Review of Magical Memories From Beyond: Forgotten Rituals by Taurus XII

On Rituals

Despite Rituals being still a fairly controversial issue among some gaming groups, it is awesome to see that some publishers are still looking into producing new and interesting ones for Players and Dungeon Masters to use in their campaigns.

Personally, I try to give out Rituals as part of treasure parcels, such as a few torn pages from a ritual book or a book all but destroyed by the ravages of nature but still having a ritual or two that can be salvaged.  I also try to add residuum every now and then in place of a gem.  I find it tends to help promote the use of Rituals in my campaign, and makes Characters start to think about what other new ones they can look into buying at the local magic shop.

For DMs out there, how do you promote Rituals in your campaign – or do you find them a bother?  As a Player, do you love them or hate them, or really could care less about them?  Your feedback and comments are always welcome!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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