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EN World Review – Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Kobold Press & Wizards of the Coast

HotDQ coverHappy Almost-Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

Well, it’s been one week since GENCON opened and I’m still on the post-con high from being around so much awesome gaming!  Sadly, I am also on the post-con low of trying to recover from a bout of “con-crud” – there was definitely a nasty cold-thingee roving around the convention this year.

But hey – it was worth a little cold to have a great time at GENCON this year!

And it was incredible to read just how successful this year’s convention was!  GENCON had 56,614 unique visitors this year – up from 49,530 unique visitors in 2013 last year!  It’s amazing to see a 10% growth in just one year at the “best Four Days of Gaming” and I certainly hope our favorite con keeps growing stronger!

But getting back to the matter at hand…

This week I have posted a new review  on EN World for my regular column, and this week I’ve got the very first campaign adventure series for the new 5th Edition Dungeons & DragonsHoard of the Dragon Queen was written by Steve Winter and Wolfgang Baur at Kobold Press at the behest of the Wizards of the Coast R&D Chief Mike Mearls.  This campaign can take four characters from Level 1 all the way to Level 8 in a series of adventures set in the Forgotten Realms – the official campgin setting of the new D&D!

If you would like to read more about this campaign series – and check out some quotes I got from Steve Winter and Wolfgang Baur themselves – please click on the link below and trek on over to EN World and read the review in full:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: WotC & Kobold Press Team Up for the Inaugural Campaign Arc of D&D 5th Edition!

I have to say, it was really awesome to be reading through Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and then get to sit in on a panel where the designers are sharing their process and experiences making this adventure.  I think that it was very wise of WotC to release a good solid campaign arc at their launch just to make sure the fans had something to enjoy of the new D&D.  Hoard of the Dragon Queen will create a wonderful shared experience for players and DMs all over who try out the new D&D.  And I certainly appreciate the opportunity to review this great adventure, and wish Kobold Press and Wizards of the Coast all the best for this as well as their next release – The Rise of Tiamat!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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