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EN World Review – Hunting Deathcloud by Sneak Attack Press

hunting deathcloud coverHere we are, it is Wednesday again, and I have just posted a new review over at the EN World website.  This week I had the opportunity to review a new module designed for high level play by Sneak Attack Press called Hunting Deathcloud.  It is the first Paragon-Tier adventure I have reviewed from this particular publisher, and from what I can tell, the Author has a firm grasp of how to make a serious challenge for characters at the brink of becoming “epic”. 

For more information about the module and my complete review, please click on the link below to head over and check it out:

Review of Hunting Deathcloud by Sneak Attack Press

As I mentioned in my review, it is exciting to see new material being published to assist Dungeon Masters in providing adventures for the higher end of D&D 4E play.  As we approach the third anniversary of the publishing date of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, I would imagine that many home campaigns have had a chance to mature into the higher end of the Paragon Tier and even the start of the Epic Tier.  So hopefully, we should be seeing a lot more adventures, like Hunting Deathcloud, to provide content in a niche which has, before now, seen little offered from third-party publishers and even from “official” sources.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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