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EN World Review – Island of Ignorance by Golden Goblin Press

island of ignorance coverGreetings Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

I trust that this week is going well for you, and that you are eagerly looking forward to the weekend with plans to enjoy some gaming!  While I find myself looking forward to a good session of D&D 3.5 this weekend, I must admit to being a bit bothered by the news from GEN CON INDY from last night.

It appears that the demand for 4-day passes to GEN CON 2014 has exceeded all expectations.  However, the downside to that is the fact that the GEN CON Housing Block has sold out in less than 24 hours!  For those who haven’t received the official word via the GEN CON TEAM email, I’ve posted the complete text of the news on another page here Regretfully, I and many other attendees have no accommodations as yet for the Best Four Days of Gaming, but I am digging into finding some as quickly as possible.  I’ll make sure and relay any room reservation information I find here, so watch this space for possible accommodation arrangements.

But on to the business at hand…

Last night I posted a review on EN WORLD NEWS for a new Companion supplement for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.  Last fall, Golden Goblin Press successfully kickstarted and published the 3rd Cthulhu Companion entitled Island of Ignorance, and it is just packed with all kinds of be-tentacled and outré knowledge for Keepers to add their CoC campaigns.

To read the review, please grab an Elder Sign and click on the link below to journey over to EN World News and peruse the blasphemous text in full:

(Disclaimer: This may cause SAN loss.)

Goblin Press presents the long-awaited 3rd Cthulhu Companion with the release of ISLAND OF IGNORANCE!

I really enjoyed reading and reviewing Island of Ignorance, and the folks at Golden Goblin Press did a great job with their Kickstarter project.  One of the sure-fire ways to know a product is a good one is how much it makes you want to run/play the game with your friends – and by the time I finished reviewing this one, I was off pawing through my stacks of CoC RPG books and feverishly concocting a new campaign concept in my head!

I want to thank the writers and editors at Golden Goblin Press, and I fervently hope that they do well on this and future Call of Cthulhu RPG releases.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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Michael is an Adept of a Secret Order of Dungeon Masters, and dwells in a hidden realm with his two evil cat-familiars, deep within the Vale of Wolverines, called by some "Michigan". He has been esoterically conjuring D&D Campaigns for nearly a Third of a Century, and has been known to cast ritual blogs concerning Dungeons & Dragons every few days with some regularity. Michael has freelanced for Wizards of the Coast, and writes reviews of D&D and other Role-Playing Game products on EN World News.


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