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EN World Review – Karma Deck & KD Booster: Requiem by Creation’s Edge Games

karma deck and requiem coverHappy Holidays, fellow gamers, to one and all!  Here we are, with only a few more days before Christmas and Kwanzaa, right in the very midst of Hanukkah… and for those traveling the D&D multiverse, the Four Feast of the Winter Solstice – at least according to my Calendar of Harptos!

This is the second to the last review of the 2011 calendar year, and I have a nice little virtual stocking stuffer to recommend for that hard to please DM on your shopping list.  Today’s EN World Review deals with a set of cards from Creation’s Edge Games called Karma Deck, and its Booster Deck entitled Requiem, for use with D&D 4E game as an alternative to – or even in addition to – the WotC Fortune Cards.

For complete details about this 4E product, please click the link below and head over to EN World to read the review in its entirety:

Review of Karma Deck & Booster Pack: Requiem by Creation’s Edge Games

As a game accessory alternative, these GSL published cards make for some fun variations in an adventure, and unlike the Fortune Cards, are granted as short term boons by the DM for their heroes, without making each player responsible for collecting and building their own deck.  These cards are fun, and can be printed as often as needed, and make a great gift from players to their favorite Dungeon Master, especially since the cards will be given back to the PC heroes to help them win the day!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Holidays, one and all!

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