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EN World Review – Kobold Quarterly #23 by Open Design

KQ 23 coverHappy Wednesday fellow gamers, I hope that this week before Halloween finds you well!  One must assume that many of you are not only preparing for some great gaming this coming weekend, but also for costumed parties and trick-or-treating this upcoming week.  I’ve been working on some scary themes for my own D&D games these past few weeks, and look forward to some chilling encounters this coming weekend.

This week, the Fall Issue of Kobold Quarterly was released, and arrives just in time to provide to additional scary content and material for D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, and DragonAge gamers.  KQ #23 features Demons and Devils this time around, and the selection of articles have some strong elements of supernatural horror and diabolical evil.

For more information about the KQ #23, please click the link below and head over to EN World to read the complete review on all the articles:

Review of Kobold Quarterly Issue #23 (Fall 2012) by Open Design

Sadly, I have to report that there are no D&D 4E articles this issue of Kobold Quarterly, and it appears that the D&D Next playtest has dried up submissions for KQ, leaving 4E fans out in the cold.  It’s not too surprising really, given how little support 4E has seen in Dragon and Dungeon Magazine the past several months, with only a dozen or so articles of 4E content published from May to September of this year.  While I don’t hold KQ publisher Open Design to blame for the lack of 4E content, I did hold out that some authors were still trying to get their works out there for the D&D 4E community.  But when even Ed Greenwood writes a Pathfinder article for KQ, one can’t help but feel that 4E has been put away for good.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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