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EN World Review – Midgard Bestiary 13th Age Compatible by Kobold Press

midgard bestiary 13th age coverGood Evening Fellow Gamers & Gentle Readers!

It’s been a bit hectic for me this past week since my last posting, as I’ve been hired in a new job and I’m deep into some intensive training these days.  I’m really excited about my new job, however, as I will eventually be on the night shift and working from home, and it will give me some opportunities to work on writing projects that I’ve been putting off lately.  I’m sure some would hate the idea of working at night, but really I’m a bit of a night owl anyways, and I find myself most creative during the hours between sundown and sunrise.

It’s also nice to be getting paid a bit more too, so I’ll be able to do some serious shopping in the dealers’ hall at both Origins Game Fair and GENCON 2014!

But as I am keeping with my usual blogging schedule, I did post a new product review over on EN World News last night, in case you haven’t seen it yet.  This week, I took a look at a new Midgard Bestiary from Kobold Press, and this one is designed for 13th Age RPG.  This new 13th Compatible Edition of the Midgard Bestiary has over 100 creatures native to Wolfgang Bauer’s famous setting, and features some new player-character races and 13th Age Icons as well.

To check out this review, please click on the link below and gate on over to EN World News for all the details about his RPG product:

Kobold Press Delivers the Midgard Bestiary to 13th AGE

Kobold Press and Open Design have had some great product releases the past few years, and I really appreciate the opportunity to review their products from time to time.  Midgard is a really unique fantasy campaign setting, and I daresay that some fans might really enjoy creating characters and adventuring near the Free City of Zobeck using the new 13th Age RPG rules!

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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