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EN World Review – Midgard Campaign Setting by Wolfgang Bauer

midgard campaign setting coverWelcome fellow Gamers and kind Readers to another episode of my regular Wednesday review!  I hope that your week is going well, and you have auspicious gaming plans scheduled for this coming weekend.

For my part, I have another session of my Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign coming up this weekend, and have been busy these past few days building my new Eosha world setting, mapping and writing content.  Some of my workings can be found in my DCC Journal blog series, posted on Mondays here at Neuroglyph Games.

This week I’m reviewing a new, but long discussed, world setting by Open Design LLC.  Many gamers have heard of Wolfgang Bauer’s personal fantasy RPG setting called Midgard, frequently referred to in the Kobold Quarterly magazine and discussed at some length in the regular column, Free City of Zobeck.  A few months ago in October, Open Design released the full Midgard Campaign Setting for Pathfinder and AGE RPGs – and as it turns out rather surprising to the author, who admits he felt “slightly strange to see Midgard taking shape from what I know are its humble beginnings, the shabby notes and offhand references.”

For the complete review, please head over to EN World News to check out all the details of this massive world setting:

Review of the Midgard Campaign Setting by Open Design LLC

I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this setting, and I think it will have a lot of appeal to a wide audience among the FRPG community.  It’s packed with details, has great art, awesome maps, and it was a treat to finally read and enjoy the depth of the world of Midgard I’ve heard so much about.  Definitely worth checking out, and I want to wish Mr. Bauer and Open Design all the best with this release and future projects in the Midgard Campaign Setting.

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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