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EN World Review – Midgard Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empire by Kobold Press

PG2 Dragon Empire coverGreetings Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!  I hope that you are all recovered from your St. Patrick Day excesses, and are ready to spend this coming weekend enjoying some gaming!  I’ve been having an incredibly busy time this week, not only working on gaming blogs and content for my D&D 4E and DCC campaigns, but also building armor for a buddy of mine who does “heavy weapons fighting” in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

It’s been a while since I’ve been asked to design and produce armor, but this project was basic enough – building a quilted vest, not unlike a short gambeson, that included pockets for adding shock-resistant plastic plates to cover kidneys, lower spine, and lower neck.  It’s turning out to be pretty spiffy, and should protect a body’s vital strike areas from the bashes and bludgeons from the wooden rattan swords and maces (and axes and polearms!) used as weapons in the SCA medieval tournaments.  Personally, I’d have wanted more plates covering me all over, but the warrior who will wear it assures me that mobility is far more important to him than coverage.

So what could I say?  Afterall, it’s his skin in the game, not mine!

But I have not gotten so wrapped up in my various outré projects that I forgot to write a review this week on EN World News.  This week I’m reviewing a Pathfinder RPG product released by Kobold Press for the Midgard Campaign Setting.  The Midgard Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empires is the second in a series of releases to provide region specific information and character options for players using Wolfgang Bauer’s Midgard as their setting.

For more information regarding this release, please click on the link below to head over to EN World News to check out the review:

Review of Midgard Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empires by Kobold Press

As I mention in my closing remarks of the review, I think that the format of releasing a Player’s Guide for each of the lands in the Midgard Campaign Setting is a very smart idea.  It gives players and GMs the flexibility to buy what they want when they want it, instead of making a huge purchase of a Player’s Guide to the whole setting, much of which might never be used in one or even several Midgard campaigns.

In my book, that makes the Midgard Player’s Guides a great product line to take a look into!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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