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EN World Review – Mistborn Adventure Game (Part 1) by Crafty Games

mistborn coverWelcome and well-met Fellow Gamers!  I hope this week finds you all well, and that everyone has some wonderful times ahead during this Holiday season!  There are less than two weeks left before Christmas arrives, and so I imagine that there is plenty of activity getting ready for the big day – but hopefully, we gamers can still find some time to have fun and roll some dice, in spite of the bustle.

As some may know, last week I did mot post a review on EN World News, as the site had been the target of a cyber-attack and shut down by a hacker.  This week, I’ve been informed that EN World is back up again and getting its house back in order, and the new site looks really spiffy, utilizing new software to run the forums and news articles.

So this week, I have Part 1 of a two part review of the Mistborn Adventure Game by Crafty Games.  This indie style game is based upon the Mistborn Trilogy of fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson, and features some unique character creation concepts, a fascinating magic system, and an interesting setting.

To find out all the details about this role-playing game, please click the link below and head over to the new and improved EN World News to read Part 1 of the review:

Review of Mistborn Adventure Game (Part 1) by Crafty Games

Part 1 of this review covers mainly the character generation and play mechanics of the Mistborn Adventure Game, and I wanted to be sure to not give the game short shrift given how comprehensive the rulebook is.  Next week in Part 2, we’ll look at the mechanics of the unique magic system of Scadrial, and the tools which the game designer gives to the Narrator (Game master) in order to run a full Mistborn campaign!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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