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EN World Review – New Online Monster Builder by WotC

ATMB coverWe come to another Wednesday, fellow gamers, and to yet another review I have posted over at EN World News.  With yesterday’s announcement and release of the new online version of the Adventure Tools: Monster Builder by Wizards of the Coast, I could hardly resist taking the opportunity to do my weekly review about this new application.

Regretfully, the new online app was a complete disappointment, and lacked many of the features and functionality of its offline predecessor.  For more details about the Adventure Tools: Monster Builder, as well as the response from the D&D 4E Community, you can head over to EN World and read my full review by clicking the link below:

Review of the New Online Version of Monster Builder by WotC

I had honestly hoped that the DDI content team had learned from the tumultuous release of Character Builder and would not make the same mistake twice.  Regretfully, that was not the case.  Although Trevor Kidd makes a good argument for this current release to be nothing more than an assist for the Virtual Tabletop beta test, the damage to WotC’s reputation was certainly not enhanced by what appeared to many 4E gamers to be an unfinished and poorly designed program.

I look forward to seeing the finished and complete version of the online Monster Builder – although I do have some concerns about how much storage I will be allowed to use for my customized critters – hope it has functions which make it far superior to the original version.   I guess only time will tell…

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

So what did you think of the new Monster Builder when it came out?  Was it as you expected from the email announcement, or did you have different expectations?  Do you feel that an online version of Monster Builder is a good idea, or do you prefer to have it as an app on your local machine?

As always, your feedback and comments are most welcome here!

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3 Responses to “EN World Review – New Online Monster Builder by WotC”

  1. I was excited. I tried uploading my monsters. Then came back and they were all corrupt, so I deleted them.

    Also, I couldn’t customize anything but power names? What gives?

    After reading the post on WotC saying “come back later” I tried again later that evening (since the WotC post had removed the update to comet back later) – and I tried importing characters again – and BOOM! error dialog.


  2. Mike says:

    There are some troubling inconsistencies due to the fact that the increased damage output of \Monster Vault\ creatures are listed alongside traditional \Monster Manual\ monsters. For example, look at the damage output of an Elder White Dragon verses an Ancient White Dragon. The Elder does more damage!!! Yes, I know the Ancient has higher defences, but it should also do more damage.

  3. Well, at this point I think we have to accept the message from Trevor Kidd I referred to in my review on EN World on face value – this new online version of MB is a beta, released pre-maturely for the express purpose of helping with the VTT beta. All we gamers can do is hope that WotC will fix their problems with AT:MB online, and make it the kind of product we can use as well as the old program.

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